At Home

Parents With Mother With Grandmother In dress of Krishna


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The festivals were being celebrated jointly by all friends / relatives.

Street Festival - Holi Street Festival - Holi Street Festival - street navratri Street Festival - Ganesha Festival Festival - Kite Flying Festival - Kite Flying - roof top Festival -Diwali Festival - Diwali Rakshabandhan at Ashwinikumar, Surat: Heenaben and Kalpana Janmastami pooja at our Home Janmastami pooja at our Home

At School

Tata Boys High School is one of the most prestigious schools for Gujarati Medium in Navsari. Even Now. Had spacious class rooms and also had big playground. Teachers were devoted to their profession. There used to be assembly every saturday morning in the playground which also had stage. It used to start with prayer followed by light exercise. In addition to all normal subjects, there used to be the subject of "Sewing" in the standard 5th, 6th and 7th, which was not normal for boys school but very useful.

In addition to class room study, there used to be a separate period - normally last / second last for play. We used to play different games. Further there used to be competition once in a year also. :

School Game - kabaddi School Game - Khokho School Game - langadi School Game - lemon spoon School Game - thread needle

During Vacation

I used to play a lot in the street during vacation. At times, we used to go to see movie and normally to Ashapuri Mata Mandir every sunday evening for darshan. In addition, there used to be visit of few days at maternal uncles' house and also Chimubhai's house at Ashwinikumar in Surat. I used to play with sisters at Ashwinikumar. There used to be many trees in the campus. We used to climb the trees. Further, I also used to go to Bilimora (@20 KMs from Navsari) and stay at the house of Mukesh. I used to play with Mukesh, Bankim and also with Gurubhai (he was also residing at Bilimora earlier). During that period, I had not learnt riding a bicycle. Therefore, once, my father told me that he would not allow me to go to Bilimora till I learn riding a bicycle. So, I learnt bicycle within 10 days. The bicycle used to be available on rent for 1 or 2 hours etc.

Ashwinikumar :  Climbing Tree With Mukesh and Bankim - Bilimora Ashapuri Mata Mandir

In College - Grown up child

The Engineering college (now NIT) is situated in Surat. Being Regional college, the admission of 50 % students was from Gujarat and balance 50 % was of the students out of Gujarat. This college was known as "Notorious". The distance between Navsari and Surat is 30 KMs. After getting admission, I started staying in the college hostel. This was the first time I ever ventured out of the Home. It was totally different experience. I used to go to Navsari atleast once in 15 days. In the First year, there was a major strike and Final exam for students of all the years was boycotted. Subsequently, all the students (except final year) were mass promoted to next year with the condition to clear all the papers in the next year. This has resulted in huge burdon on all the students. I also could not clear required subjects and failed in 2nd year. Thus, I lost one year in study. Thereafter I did not lose any year and could clear B.E. (Mechanical) in the year 1981. None of my parents had seen this college. In the last year, I participated in the game "Chess" and was University Runners up. It was my favourite game at that time.